HVAC Proposal Software: 6 Best Software Solutions For Your HVAC Industry

HVAC customers trust the HVAC technicians more than the salesman and quickly get convinced to buy equipment or extend the services. This is why technicians are often asked to market their HVAC services. 

But are you worried your technician will correctly present the HVAC equipment to your customer? 

Also, the technician must prepare the proposal quickly without any flaws, price it accurately and present it clearly in a way the customer understands.

Sounds like a big process, right?

But what if we inform you that you can solve this proposal curation process using the best HVAC software for the proposal.

HVAC Proposal software allows businesses of all sizes to create professional-looking sales proposals to send to customers. The better the HVAC proposal, the higher the chances for conversion. 

However, multiple HVAC proposal software for businesses in the market makes it hard for you to choose the ideal one for your market. So we have done extensive research and picked the top-rated HVAC sales proposal software listed in this article. Now let’s find out about them.

What is HVAC Proposal Software?

An HVAC proposal software helps deliver detailed pricing proposals with the job costs broken into different segments based on time, materials, and profit margins. These clear and accurate proposals make it easy for the technicians to pitch potential customers and close deals.  

Simultaneously, these proposals help the customers to get a clear idea about the HVAC equipment and the HVAC services and hence make a better purchase decision. So curating razor blades, and sharp proposals entice profits and customer base growth. 

Most proposal software comes with a Good Better Best proposal template that helps customers compare the cost, material, and services and make an informed purchase.

How is HVAC Proposal Software Useful?

Building a loyal HVAC customer base is not easy. One of the most efficient ways to close bids is to propose irresistible proposals to your customers. Curating competitive pricing matters but this alone is not enough to grow your customer base. Rather, you need to concentrate on delivering professional services. 

So the HVAC proposal software helps potential customers view the important things that matter and compare them while making a purchase. When they click on the proposal, they can view all the equipment details and a brochure. They don’t have to perform individual research about a particular piece of equipment but rather learn the details given here. Also, when the price points appear nominal, they will likely upgrade to a higher proposal option.

Creating a manual proposal is beyond the word difficult, as a simple error in the proposal can affect the business bid. So choosing the best HVAC software for the proposal is crucial.

6 Best HVAC Proposal Software Solutions For HVAC Businesses

1. Housecall Pro

5000+ HVAC businesses trust Housecall Pro as it is consistent in simplifying HVAC business tasks. It manages the core processes like scheduling, dispatching, estimating, invoicing, and much more in one place and immensely improves customer experience. 

Undoubtedly, customers want to check price options before investing in any product. So, to offer a better buying experience to your HVAC customers, it is crucial to send them proper proposals.

Housecall Pro HVAC software for proposal helps you win more jobs with its sales proposal tool. It not only allows you to easily build price estimates to show your customers, but you can also send pictures and descriptions of what you are selling. 

So when you use this strategy of sending detailed information to your prospects, you can win more deals. Take advantage of its free 14-day trial and test out if this software works for you or not. 

Some of the fantastic HVAC sales software features offered are

  • It provides options for upselling, thus providing the customer with more options. 
  • Curates accurate and profitable good, better, best options for customers.
  • Gives a better buying experience with pictures alongside your proposals.

2. ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan is the number one software platform for managing service businesses. This software, packed with multiple tools,is used by many leading service companies and is trusted by 100,000 professionals. 

Project proposals create the first impressions and act as the first written communication between the HVAC company and a potential client. So it is essential to create and deliver professionally designed proposals. 

ServiceTitan proposal software helps you propose HVAC jobs that sell quickly. This software helps in calculating time, costs, and margins with accuracy and curates proposals with profits. 

ServiceTitan offers free proposal templates that you can download and enter your details. So overall, ServiceTitan proposal software can help you curate accurate, realistic good-better-best proposals for customers to help them make the best purchase decision. 

This proposal software boasts incredible features like

  • Acts as a powerful sales tool that gives the HVAC technicians an effective way to sell their HVAC services using HVAC proposal templates. 
  • You can price HVAC jobs accurately and win more repeat customers.
  • Quickly draft the defined job estimate using the digital solution.
  • Offer polished proposals to your customers with costs, photos, and services in an easy-to-read format.

3. PandaDoc Sales Proposal Software

PandaDoc HVAC sales proposal software is mindfully designed to handle the struggles the HVAC contractors and technicians face in the industry. 

What makes them stand out is it offers an end-to-end sales process for sales teams to create, share, negotiate, and eSign sales documents. Also, you can create a maintenance agreement, receive necessary signatures, and track the activity on one dashboard.

So they have given their best to provide optimal solutions. Staff can now create customized business proposals and save time and money. 

Are you doubtful if this is your ideal HVAC invoice and proposal software?  Then take advantage of the free 14-day trial and decide. 

Now let’s take a look at some of the other great features.

  • Create unlimited, customizable proposal templates quickly with simple drag and drop features in minutes.
  • Streamline the sales workflow with this software. With its inbuilt eSign software technology, you can get the docs signed quickly.
  • Has integrated popular CRMS like Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Google docs, and Dropbox and allows you to work with your existing tech stack. 
  • You can track, analyze and gain insights from customer data. This dashboard also gives real-time alerts to monitor your company’s progress. 
  • Customize the software theme and embed images and videos to resonate with your customers.

4. Sales Builder Pro

Driving sales using online marketing, sales support, and different tools can be overwhelming or confusing in your HVAC business. So this is why the Intelligent Mobile Support company has developed a simple sales proposal software dedicated to the HVAC business. This sales software bundle helps ease the sales process and saves money and time. 

If you are looking for a robust HVAC sales proposal software, then SalesBuilderPro can be your right choice. 

Every customer is different. So this software has come up with Sales Builder Pro Release 9 to be more productive and profitable in the HVAC business. This feature gives a personalized buying experience to customers by curating proposal templates that go beyond Good Better Best. 

This feature allows 

  • Users to customize proposal names, option names, and descriptions for each customer.
  • Add personal recommendations for each customer.
  • Point out the savings and discounts

Apart from this, this proposal HVAC software has some notable features like

  • Sales Builder Pro features a quick and easy pending deal search function, and this is the only tool on the market to provide it. 
  • It displays instant data on the total number of proposals, deals closed, and new appointments.
  • The software is specifically designed with a search feature that allows HVAC contractors to begin each day with a prioritized to-do list, follow up with potential prospects by age, and close multiple deals.

5. Wrightsoft software

Wrightsoft is a dedicated software that works to increase the business success of HVAC business owners and contractors through its computer automation system design, sales, ordering, and commissioning features. 

Its right-proposal software manages parts and the pricing for each HVAC project with customized proposals, documents, and a part takeoff list, each generated automatically by the software tool after analyzing your original HVAC designs.

The word processor inbuilt in the Right-Proposal software can prepare proposal documents with text, images, tables, and more automatically and eliminates manual entering of any data. The document generated can be exported into PDF or RTF.

So it saves your time by managing and generating professional customized proposals on the spot for your customers by deriving details from the customer information, selected equipment, price, and more. 

Features of Right-Proposal software that make it the best HVAC proposal software are

  • Create a separate section for entering the smart object details where each smart object is assigned a number and included in the material bill.
  • Save commonly used blocks of text for highly customizable proposals.
  • Build easy comparison-based option proposals or single system proposals for your customers.
  • Create accurate parts takeoff lists from your designs.
  • The software will create an accurate estimate by pulling in the right information from your libraries, consisting of parts and pricing on the bill of materials.

6. P3 HVAC proposal software

If you want to create a professional good/better/best HVAC proposal in minutes with high accuracy, then choose P3 HVAC software. 

Understandably, an HVAC business owner can’t assist their technicians everywhere. So what can be done here is that the owner can set up a standard proposal in advance with pricing using the P3 equipment sales module. 

Now the technician can focus on only explaining the HVAC equipment and services, showing them the inbuilt proposals, and closing the deal. 

The best part is users can reuse the previous good, better best HVAC proposal template and present multiple pricing options to customers in a few minutes.

Customers can click on a particular option to display all the equipment details and a brochure. So this also helps them make a better purchase decision. 

Also, by offering customers a quick equipment proposal that clearly compares other equipment, customers can quickly make a better purchase decision when investing in high-end equipment. 

Some notable features of P3 HVAC software are

  • Setup templates for common proposals.
  • Side-by-side display and price comparison of good/better/best.
  • Preloaded equipment brochures and add-on brochures. 
  • You can add the company brochure and its best selling points.
  • Preloaded with major proposal templates.
  • Quickly add rebates and discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HVAC proposal?

HVAC proposal is a project proposal that acts as written communication between your HVAC company and a potential customer. These proposals present your business services and plans in a professional, modern, and easy-to-understand way.

What are the standard functions found in proposal software?

Some standard functions included in a proposal software include

  • Automation of proposal creation
  • Sending proposals to clients over the internet
  • Allowing clients to request revisions to the business owner
  • Allow clients to accept and e-sign proposals.

What is a proposal management system?

The proposal management system oversees the different processes involved in proposal creation. From deciding the features, price, and material details to curating the proposal and delivering it to the client is overseen and managed by the system.


HVAC proposal software offers an efficient way to create, store and manage the proposal creation process with the help of better insights from the sales pipeline and performance. You can impress your clients by curating professional-looking proposals using the HVAC proposal software and converting more leads.  

Also, you can save your precious time from trying to track down the proposal content and match them with the existing ones. So these are the benefits of HVAC proposal software, and we have listed the best software for proposals in this article. We hope you derived insights and found your ideal software.

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