HVAC Invoices Templates: How to Make Professional Invoices in No Time?

According to recent research, the HVAC market globally will be worth approximately 367.5 billion US dollars by 2030.

If you own an HVAC company, your main priorities are likely to be increasing profitability, retaining highly qualified personnel, and streamlining everyday business operations.

Isn’t that right?

Your invoicing system, on the other hand, may not always be at the top of your priority list. 

But if it isn’t, you might be losing out!

A poor HVAC invoicing plan will surely result in a significant decrease in your HVAC company’s revenue. You also stand the risk of appearing unprofessional and inefficient if you use manual procedures that entail tools like a pen and paper. Your job could be stressful and challenging, but invoicing your customers does not have to be. 

Read ahead to learn how to create professional and branded invoices online quickly with amazing tips and guidelines along with HVAC invoice templates.

What is an HVAC Invoice?

An HVAC invoice is a document that any service provider company which sells and installs HVAC units in residential homes or offices can prepare and use to record charges for services provided. It includes all expenses for work, system parts, transportation, and time spent on a job. 

Your company should send clients an invoice as soon as you provide them with your services to urge them to pay you within a specified time window. You can also issue your customer a receipt once the amount has been settled.

What is the Importance of HVAC Invoice Templates?

A free HVAC invoice template allows you to easily and consistently prepare invoices for your clients without starting from the ground up each time.

Below are some other benefits of using a free invoice template:

  • Assist you in staying organized and including all critical information
  • Reduce the possibility of human error by incorporating mandatory form fields
  • Increase your profitability by getting paid quicker
  • Use terms and conditions for the payment method to protect your HVAC business
  • Give your HVAC company a more professional image by eliminating manually made invoices
  • Save time by eliminating data entry that is repetitive
  • Assist you in keeping track of charges, rates, hard costs, expenditures, and accounts receivable
  • Simplify filing by keeping digital copies of all invoices

When you spend a little time generating invoicing bills, you can charge your customers and get paid more quickly. This provides you with more opportunities to concentrate on expanding your business.

What Elements Should an HVAC Invoice Include?

What Elements Should an HVAC Invoice

Whether performing routine maintenance or installing a new HVAC system for your customers, the following invoicing practices will reflect the skill and knowledge you put into each work.

  • Choose the one you like best from our wide selection of free invoice templates created especially for HVAC companies (HVAC template examples are provided in the latter part of the blog).
  • Download the chosen customizable invoice template in the format you would like to use, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Word, MS Excel, or PDF.
  • Add your HVAC company name, address, contact number, and email address. If you offer 24-hour emergency HVAC services, ensure to mention that as well in the invoice. 
  • Add your HVAC company’s logo to represent your brand, website address, and any other HVAC graphics for greater visual impact.
  • Mention your client’s name, residential or office address, contact number, and email address as well. 
  • Add a unique invoice number and a work order number (if necessary) for repeat or contract-based clients. 
  • Add the date of the invoice generation and the payment due date.
  • Include a detailed list of your HVAC services, such as installing new HVAC equipment, part replacement, and maintenance and servicing, along with appropriate descriptions and the hourly or flat rate for said services.
  • Include a list of HCAC systems, supplies, and services that will be charged to the customer, along with suitable descriptions and prices for each.
  • Add lines to include all the specifics about other services you provide, such as handyman or plumbing jobs. The templates can be tailored to include all of the various services offered by your HVAC company.
  • If you are offering a discount for a large volume of work, add a little description explaining the discount, so your client understands they’re getting a good deal.
  • Calculate the total cost, including any applicable taxes, and add the exact amount to the invoice.
  • Include your payment terms, such as the various mode of accepted payment methods.
  • Include a few more words to thank customers for the business and their support and cooperation. Also, encourage them to recommend your HVAC services to their friends and acquaintances.
  • Save a digital copy of the finished invoice, and then send it to your customer with all of the accurate information.

How to Make Bill for HVAC Installation or Maintenance?

1. Negotiate with the client for a reasonable price

Before beginning the HVAC servicing task for your customer, all conditions should be agreed upon. Although businesses frequently employ an established cost structure for both materials and labor, there might still be room for negotiation with clients. 

As you must know, word of mouth business can be a valuable benefit that works well for self-employed professionals. Therefore, ensuring that your clients are satisfied with the service and occasionally offering them good discounts or deals is a nice gesture and smart business.

2. Analyze the existing HVAC system

The HVAC technician will examine the HVAC system as needed to pinpoint the source of the problem. It might be a worn filter affecting the air conditioner or a heat pump that has iced up. Unrecognizable sounds and smells can also be considered for examination.

3. Make a detailed list of all the components

The tradesperson’s next task is to identify all the replacement parts required for the HVAC work. It’s ideal to approach work in stages, so troubleshooting and diagnosis can be concluded before heading parts purchasing.

4. Determine insurance and licensing costs

There is a reason why HVAC professionals are called professionals in the true sense. HVAC technicians who are licensed and insured must pass licensure examinations and carry liability insurance. 

These expenses mount up and therefore should be factored into invoicing rates to ensure that the company covers all expenses.

5. Complete the HVAC invoice for the payment request

Before sending invoices to customers, always double-check that they have all of the necessary information. Customers should be contacted as needed to check that their invoices have been received.


Word Doc of HVAC Invoice Template


HVAC Invoice Template

Word Doc of HVAC Invoice Template


HVAC Invoice Template

Word Doc of HVAC Invoice Template


Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is HVAC?

HVAC, which basically stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, is essentially a set of systems. It is the reason that individuals may enjoy all-season comfort in their houses despite the external weather conditions, such as extreme heat or humidity.

What components comprise an HVAC invoice?

This invoice acts as a formal record of services as well as a payment request. It should be well prepared and delivered on time. The invoice must be both accurate and comprehensive. It must outline all assistance provided, provide itemized expenses and the total amount owed, and include any applicable taxes. It should also state the payment terms and conditions, such as when the amount is due and whether or not late fees will be imposed.

When should you send an HVAC invoice to your customers?

The perfect time to send an invoice is determined by the magnitude of the HVAC service as well as your relationships with the customers. Most HVAC businesses bill upon completion of the task for routine maintenance calls.
However, if you are working on a bigger work, such as installing a new air conditioning or ventilation system, request a portion of the cost upfront, with the remaining due when the task is completed. This generates cash flow for your firm while you are working and can also benefit your customer if the job is expensive.

Why should HVAC technicians send perfect and professional invoices?

Your customers may not realize how much expertise and knowledge you bring into their homes since you have a specialized skill. That means you will need an invoice that’s comprehensive enough to accurately detail your work as well as all related charges while being simple enough for your customers to comprehend exactly what they are paying for.

How do I create an HVAC Invoice?

You can save hours of writing, editing, and copying by using a free HVAC invoice template.
Here are some invoice-creation tips:
  • Use a simple and professional layout for your invoice.
  • Include your HVAC business name, logo, contact information, customer name, and customer contact information in the invoice.
  • Mention all the products and services you provided, and also mention details about part replacement if required in the invoice.
  • Include rates for all your products and services provided, as well as the total number of hours your HVAC technician spent on the service call. Make your invoice payment terms and conditions easy to understand for the client.
  • Include your subtotal, applicable taxes, discounts (if any), and fees before the total amount.

Time to Create Hassle-Free HVAC Invoices!

According to statistics, the HVAC business industry in the United States was valued at USD 11.45 billion in 2020 and is predicted to reach USD 16.56 billion by 2026.

As you can understand from the statistics above, the HVAC industry is huge.

You, of course, want to boost the revenue of your company without hassles like delayed payments, right?

These great tips that cover what elements your HVAC business should include in an invoice and how to create one with relevant details will help you get started in no time.

Here’s the cherry on top: You get to pick your template from a selection of HVAC invoice template that is appropriate for your company for free. 

Just download them in any format of your convenience, ranging from Google Docs and Google Sheets to MS Word and MS Excel and even PDF.

Get started with creating comprehensive, error-free, and successful HVAC invoices right away.

Use the best HVAC software for your business to manage all your business operations smoothly.

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