6 Best HVAC Design Software Solutions

Do you need HVAC Design Software for your company?

Do you have any ideas about what to look for in such a software?

HVAC Design Software, are designed to boost a designer’s efficiency and accuracy, enhance their capacity to analyse data and document jobs, and give their estimations more “marketability.”

Using such software on a regular basis will help you run your business more efficiently. Now, if you are confused which software to use, following is a detailed list of 6 top performing software. 

Without any further ado, let’s get into it:

Best HVAC Design Software (Comparison Table)

Following is a table of comparison of the best HVAC software:

Software Products Features Customer support
HVAC Solution
  • Professional with Revit Connection
  • Professional with Revit Connection (Multiple User)
  • Online training
  • Airflow
  • Hydronic
  • Schedule
  • Steam
  • Bill of Materials
  • Electrical Coordination
  • Call
  • Email
MEP Trimble
  • Estimating and Takeoff
  • MEP content Inspection and Testing
  • Project Management
  • Fabrication
  • Collaboration
  • Maximize Productivity
  • Increase Profitability
  • Reduce Risk
  • World-Class Support
  • Job documentation
  • Online support available
  • Explicit finite element simulation
  • Biomechanics and biomechanical simulation
  • Air conditioning simulation
  • Graphical user interface design.
  • Value for money
  • Customized designs
  • Calculates basic heat loads
  • Fully automatic layout designs
  • Online
HVAC Design Solutions
  • Various software bundles for varied services
  • HVAC load calculations/li>
  • Designer’s estimates
  • Plumbing engineering
  • Telephone
  • Postal Service
  • Email
  • Office hours
Avenir Software
  • LoopCAD
  • HeatCAD
  • PlumbingCAD
  • LengthWise
  • Custom Software
  • Seamless integration
  • Value for money
  • Easy imports
  • Improve analysis capabilities
  • Call
  • Email
  • Tutorials
  • FAQs
  • Right-suite Universal
  • Adaptable
  • Value for money
  • Creating expert documentation
  • Call
  • Email
  • Online support

In-detail Review of Top 6 HVAC Design Software

There is a lot of HVAC system design available on the internet these days. We have curated a list of the top-performing design systems. Here it goes:

1. HVAC Solution

HVAC Solution is an interactive dynamic HVAC system building tool for designing HVAC systems. It is unique in its field and was developed by engineers for engineers. 

Some features of HVAC Solution are:

  • Using HVAC Solution, you may create airflow system design. Airflow systems can be developed by connecting fans, coils, spaces, louvres, dampers, and more.
  • Boilers, coils, heat exchangers, and other elements can be dragged, dropped, and connected. 
  • You can calculate the size of the pump, the pipe, the total head pressure drop, and much more.
  • The creation of equipment schedules with data characterising the equipment is one of the final results of HVAC Solutions.

Pricing: Free trial available. Check the official website for the pricing of different services.

2. MEP Trimble

Trimble MEP offers cutting-edge technologies that change office to field procedures. Specialty trades can utilize the Trimble Constructible Process to go beyond BIM and automate fabrication and fieldwork using accurate construction data. 

Trimble optimizes the whole design, construct, and operate lifecycle thanks to access to the greatest repository of manufacturer content and a wide range of hardware and software solutions.

Some features are:

  • To improve your bottom line, you can manage your business and projects more efficiently.
  • Key workflows are connected by intelligent solutions to guarantee accuracy and reduce risk.
  • Solutions function together can help you save time and work more effectively.
  • Their knowledge and cutting-edge approaches to worker productivity technologies are available to you.

Pricing: Contactsales on their official website.

3. Plandroid

A straightforward and effective graphical design and quoting tool for HVAC and ducted air conditioning systems is Plandroid. This design enables you to use items from your hardware supplier’s actual parts catalogue to produce a ducting design in the form of CAD that is placed over an image of a house layout. 

Plandroid is a HVAC equipment that generates reports for your customer, ductwork, installer, or supplier, computes fundamental heat loads, and costs your design. The graphical method is easy to understand and is considerably more straightforward than traditional CAD.

Features of Plandroid are:

  • If you want to have the finest air conditioning sales team possible, Plandroid is a crucial tool.
  • Plandroid assists you in providing quotations for ducted air conditioning installations and turning those leads into sales.
  • Because Plandroid is so simple to use, you might delegate your ordering and quotation to a less seasoned employee, it helps increase productivity.

Pricing: AU$1390/ per year licence 

4. HVAC Design Solutions

It is developed by this group of developers to assist you standardise and streamline your construction process. Each design bundle contains a variety of programmes and goodies. 

Some of the features of this software are:

  • Over the past twenty years, they have created and produced a large number of calculation programmes and quality control review programmes for mechanical and engineering. 
  • They have included programs into their standard operating procedures for consulting engineering offices.

Pricing: depends on the service you choose.

5. Avenir Software

HVAC solutions are provided by Avenir Software. For the HVAC industry, Avenir Tools creates CAD and product selection software, such as LoopCAD and HeatCAD, for calculating heating and cooling load.

Some features of Avenir Software are:

  • LoopCAD, HeatCAD, PlumbingCAD, and LengthWise are their signature products.
  • In order to best meet your needs, LoopCAD is available in three different versions, and the available OEM Editions easily integrate with all three feature editions.
  • A drawing-based programme called HeatCAD 2022 can be used to quickly and precisely calculate the heating and cooling loads for homes.
  • You can import PDF drawings quickly, locate the plumbing system, and provide a precise materials list and quote.

Pricing: separate price for individual service.

6. Wrightsoft

Wrightsoft Corporation is an HVAC equipment provider thatoffers a robust selection of simple-to-use residential and commercial solutions that are intended to boost revenue, elevate construction quality, and set you apart from the competition through more successful sales. 

Some of the features of Wrighsoft are:

  • Wrightsoft products are incredibly reliable calculations, simple to use, and adaptable to fit your specific requirements.
  • Right-suite Universal is the only home and business software solution that is fully integrated and tailored to save you time.
  • Wrightsoft’s Right-Suite Universal may assist you in producing components takeoff lists and proposals in accordance with your parts and price, designing and sizing your plan accurately, appropriately calculating your loads, and creating expert documentation and reports.

Pricing: Depends on the service you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best HVAC design software?

Some of the top-performing design software are: MEP Trimble Wrightsoft Avenir Software HVAC Solution

What are some features of MEP Trimble?

Some features are: It helps you manage your business and projects more efficiently. Key workflows are connected by intelligent solutions to guarantee precision and reduce risk. Solutions that are created to function together can help you save time and work more effectively.

Which HVAC systems design should I use?

MEP Trimble is a great design software you can choose.

Is Avenir software easy to use?

Yes, it is user-friendly and provides tutorials to learn how to operate the software.


To conclude, based on common parameters of comparison, MEP Trimble has more features than other software. It also offers a better user experience. And if you are a large enterprise, it is the go-to product. It is easily accessible and has seamless integration, which you can deploy in your business.

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