HVAC Learning Apps: 7 Top-Rated HVAC Learning Apps For Newbie Technicians

Have you decided to choose a career in the HVAC field? Then it’s time to get started with the preparation. There are different options to prepare, but if there is one affordable and efficient option, it’s the HVAC apps for learning. Not just students, but even modern HVAC technicians need access to the right information and resources to provide the right service to their customers.

These learning apps are packed with top-notch information on HVAC, and you can learn, take practice tests and track your progress. Some best HVAC training apps even have a forum to help clear your doubts. 

But hundreds of apps pop up if you search for HVAC apps on the Apple App Store or Google Play. You might get confused with the HVAC business apps, HVAC service apps, HVAC calculator apps, and refrigeration apps. So, to help you out, there is a list of the best HVAC training apps available for iOS and Android. 

Now, without any ado, start reading the article, grab the best app, and level up your HVAC exam preparation.

In-depth Review of HVAC Learning Apps

Check out the list of HVAC learning apps that you can use to learn various HVAC skills.

1. HVAC Flashcards

If you are getting started in the HVAC field, then it is crucial to commit yourself to learn the various skills to hold the name “Expert.”  The HVAC industry is vast, and you must master everything about heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. 

Well, there are multiple apps designed to help students or trainees upgrade their knowledge. But HVAC Flashcards app stands out with its simplistic yet effective design. 

HVAC flashcards

This application has 1000 premade flashcards from five categories that cover almost every important topic in the ventilation, heating, and cooling exam. In short, this best HVAC app is ideal for studying HVAC technology & theory. So, if you plan to give in to such exams, this app can give you a quick revision which is available on the iOS platform. 

Let’s take a look at what HVAC Flashcards features have to offer:

  • Compared to other HVAC training apps, this one allows you to customize the flashcards and convert the text to speech. So, you don’t need to look at the screen. 
  • You can download the flashcards on your device and study offline. 
  • This app costs around $5, but we bet this will be a great investment to train yourself in the HVAC concepts. 
  • You will love the timed games. 
  • Users can create their own flashcards and store them online and offline. 
  • This Flashcards app is available on both Android and iOS.
  • Text-to-speech technology
  • Customization of flashcard
  • Tracks your learning progress over time
  • Offline download available
  • Useful HVAC service learning app
  • Not available free of cost
  • Practice tests take 20+ minutes

2. HVAC School

HVAC School app is another nifty application that comes in handy on iOS and Android smartphones. It is not that only students preparing for HVAC exams must use these learning applications. Even HVAC technicians working and wish to brush up on their basics or upgrade themselves can utilize it. 

HVAC school is one such application that features an extensive library of information. You will find update-to-date information on various topics covered here. It comes with a simplistic design, and all the topics are put in a clear format. 

HVAC school

This HVAC app consists of more useful features that will make it worthy of your download. They are:

  • HVAC school podcast: You get exposed to a great source of information about the HVAC field via these podcasts that discuss the various modern HVAC operations.
  • Its integrated HVAC calculators help gain a clear understanding of common HVAC mathematical concepts.
  • Consists of technical articles from industry professionals on important topics. Upon reading them, you get a better understanding.
  • Loaded with many resources
  • Ideal for current and aspiring HVAC technicians
  • The content is spot on
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Easy to understand HVAC service app
  • A toggle button for the navigation menu would improve user-friendliness.

3. Bluon HVAC

If there is one HVAC service app that is tailor-made to help HVAC technicians ease their HVAC service tasks and solve problems, then it’s the Bluon application. No wonder why it is loved and followed by a large HVAC community. 

It is backed by a database of 300K HVAC units with a detailed manual that allows you to order parts from local suppliers and includes parts and specifications for most HVAC equipment modes. 

Bluon HVAC

Now let’s check out other amazing features of this application.

  • Replacement toolbox: This toolbox gives access to superheat and subcool calculators, airflow calculators, nitrogen pressure test tools, and much more.
  • Veteran technicians support: Get your doubts cleared with the help of an expert support team.
  • If you are unsure about R-22 replacements, then you can check out the guides and videos to help you out. 
  • HVAC technicians can learn standard HVAC procedures by reading the best practice guides featured in the application. 
  • You can get into chat with your HVAC community on the Bluon discussion forum and clear your doubts and also learn more. 
  • This free service and learning app can be installed on your Android and iOS smartphone.
  • Easy account setup
  • Easy to use
  • Original manuals and wiring diagrams
  • Standard + optional unit controls
  • 24/7 technician support
  • It’s free
  • There are no such issues with this application except for some rare loading issues.

4. HVAC Practice Test

Are you preparing for HVAC exams to get started as a certified HVAC professional?  

Getting an HVAC certification is not a piece of cake. The certifications earned will show your technical knowledge and expertise and get you well-established in the HVAC industry. With the right experience, you can also start your HVAC business. 

But as already mentioned/highlighted, taking the test requires different levels of experience. Regardless of what HVAC test you plan to take, the basic step is preparing well for the qualifying exam. 

HVAC practice test

This is where the HVAC Practice Test application comes to help you. This useful HVAC app can be installed only on iPhone and comes in handy for your HVAC preparation. Whether you are an HVAC professional technician or aspiring to become one, this application is solid and can guide you. 

Some of the features that make it recommended for HVAC learning are

  • Provides questions on different topics curated by expert tutor in the HVAC field
  • You can track your learning progress, and it provides the ability to view progress statistics for each question
  • Upgrade yourself with the latest HVAC terminology
  • Challenge your fellow friends on this app
  • In-app analytics can track your strengths and weaknesses.
  • View helpful progress statistics for each question
  • An opportunity for practicing tests and recalling the subject matter
  • Practice in the various core specialty areas
  • Various learning modes and practice tests
  • The UI/UX needs improvement.

5. HVAC Exam Quiz App

One of the recommended ways to prepare for any HVAC certification exam is to take a qualified training program. These programs come with detailed study materials. But not everyone can afford the resources to take up a training program. Anyhow, with the internet era, there must be a quick way to prepare for exams, right?

Well, this is where we recommend checking the HVAC Exam Quiz Application. This is another robust HVAC training app ideally designed for students to practice for HVAC exams. It is available only for Android users. 

HVAC exam quiz app

This HVAC training application allows students to

  • Practice for HVAC exams seamlessly with these detailed study materials
  • It features a mock exam with a timer interface. So, you will learn to manage time in the exam.
  • You can also create your custom mock exam to practice on specific subjects
  • Create your profile to track your results for every test 
  • Practice tests on various HVAC topics
  • Track your progress
  • Timer interface mock tests
  • Provides detailed answers to every question
  • Only for Android users

6. HVAC Know It All

For people like Gary McCreadie, HVAC is not just a career but a way of life. If you are in the HVAC field or aspiring to be, there is a high chance you know this HVAC guy. 

HVAC Know It All was introduced by Gary, a licensed refrigeration and gas technician, to teach people everything about HVAC. He aims to learn, teach and entertain people with his knowledge. 

This application is helpful and can be purchased for $10/annum. If you are working on a job site, stuck with any issue, and finding it hard to solve, then you can open this app and seek help from the forum Gary has created. It’s available on iOS and Android platforms. 

HVAC know it all

Now let’s find out the features of this application,

Resource tab: There is in-depth information for every topic given. You will get answers to any problem here. You can ask the community if you don’t find the answer. 

Best HVAC forum: Helpful HVAC community joins you in a healthy discussion over any HVAC topic like HVAC business, HVAC trade, or anything and even clears your doubt.

  • Best HVAC application for HVAC professional
  • Technical community and support in a social forum
  • Great place to learn about HVAC
  • Top-rated application on Apple Play Store
  • Not available for free.

7. HVAC Test Pro

HVAC Test Pro is another best HVAC app where students can get enough knowledge about the HVAC field. This application provides comprehensive coursework with 1000+ test questions and detailed study materials. 

Not just students, but even HVAC pros can recall their learnings with this comprehensive coursework. You can choose the coursework of your choice, and the syllabus will guide you through a complete overview of HVAC knowledge. 

HVAC test pro

You are not just given a detailed explanation of concepts. Rather you can take quizzes and flashcards and use listening modules in the application. So, you can study and also track progress. 

  • In-app analysis helps assess your industry knowledge strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Provides a detailed scoring system highlighting which topic needs improvements.
  • Text-to-speech feature eases your learning process as you can listen to HVAC concepts anywhere. 
  • In-app complete HVAC dictionary to check for terminology.
  • Available on the Android platform.
  • Offline mode available
  • In detail tracking of your progress for every test question
  • Covers all topics on the HVAC exam and HVAC system
  • Free to use
  • Cannot create custom questions
  • Runs Ad on app

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I teach myself HVAC?

Yes, you can teach yourself HVAC with the help of the internet. There is a vast amount of information about HVAC on various platforms like HVAC apps, YouTube, websites, and books.

What is the ideal way to learn HVAC?

One of the best ways to learn HVAC is via HVAC learning apps, which teach you A to Z about HVAC.

How do I learn about HVAC?

There are various HVAC training programs available. You can choose the ideal one to get hands-on experience, best practices, and industry trends. You can also take internships at reputed HVAC companies. If training programs seem expensive, download the best HVAC apps to learn everything about HVAC. However, you won’t get a hand’s experience.

Is HVAC difficult to learn?

The answer is no. HVAC training is not hard, but it isn’t easy either. As with any industry, you must start from the basics and level up. With the right resources, you will learn HVAC quickly.


Have you downloaded any of the HVAC apps for your exam preparation from the seven best HVAC apps listed above?  

Now it’s time to gear up your exam preparation work. Once you have learned a topic, take quick tests, note down your learning and check your app analytics to analyze your pluses and minuses. 

Though some applications charge a small fee, they are worth the investment as they act as a quick tool to help you pass exams. And these apps are not restricted only to aspiring HVAC students but also for professionals to brush their knowledge and skills. 

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