HVAC Jobs Apps: 8 Best HVAC Apps To Help Technicians

HVAC professionals rely on their tools to get the right information to run their business. Since they are often found on the job site helping their customers with their HVAC job, they need to access information from anywhere. So this is why it’s crucial to take advantage of the technology available on their handheld devices. Yes, the HVAC applications.

Though there are enough HVAC applications for business management, learning, troubleshooting, and load calculation, we are focusing on the essential apps that serve the HVAC on-field technicians.

You won’t just need a single app alone to suffice your needs. This is why grabbing at least one app from each category is important. Below in this post, you will find a list of the best HVAC jobs apps that helps the HVAC work quickly and efficiently. So check the review and choose the set of apps that suit your requirements. We are confident these apps will help grow your business.

8 Best HVAC Jobs Apps To Help Technicians to Find Best Opportunities

1. iManifold

iManifold is one of the best HVAC calculation and troubleshooter apps that eliminate the hassle of manual calculation, and evaluate the system performance, and efficiently figures out what’s causing the system to malfunction. 

It works through the user inputs and dynamic, live system data. The application is familiar with 40+ refrigerants and allows you to enter a range of live inputs to diagnose the issues. 

With iManifold, the iManifold Pro+ version also supports Bluetooth connectivity, though the pro version has improved accuracy and efficiency. It lets you save data, make a progress report and print them directly. 

You can use it by installing it from the app store or without installing it directly from the website free of cost, unlike most mobile apps. It is available for Android and iOS-based systems. The free version lets you use a basic feature set. However, if you want to use the advanced features, it will charge you a small amount.

2. HVAC Load Plus

Load calculations are an important part of every HVAC job. These calculations help the HVAC professional consider the house’s thermal characteristics and determine the heating and cooling you need to keep your house at the preferred temperature. Based on this estimation, the equipment sizing will be done. 

However, manual calculations are pretty hard to do. This is where the HVAC Load Plus comes to help. This app is a simple calculator that helps technicians in these calculations. It easily performs heating and cooling block load calculations using the industry standard calculation methods.  

You can also enter the relevant details about the HVAC system you are working on, including the location, the number of windows and rooms, and other such details. It also includes tonnes of data about the same. 

What’s unique about this HVAC service app is that it allows you to email the calculation results. So you can share the results from the field with the HVAC engineers or other professionals to cross-check them. So no more returning office from the field for more thorough analysis. Doesn’t this save lots of your time?

It allows to create an unlimited number of projects or quickly copy the existing data to new projects. Apart from its calculations and reports, you will find data for hundreds of construction types and weather reports for more than 1000 cities worldwide. 

So overall, this application is your perfect companion if you are an HVAC technician out in the field. It’s available only for iOS devices, and charges apply.

3. Duct Calc Elite

Installing the wrong sized duct in your HVAC system can compromise your return on investment. Besides, inadequate airflow can greatly reduce home comfort and consumes high energy. This is why HVAC duct size is important, and investing in the right digital alternative is recommended to get accurate duct size measurements.

You may find the Duct Calc Elite app useful if you are looking for an alternative to a traditional duct calculator. 

With this HVAC application installed on the smartphone, the HVAC field staff can get the most out of a customer’s HVAC system and, importantly, eliminate potential problems.

If the duct size is too small, there will be higher pressure at the vents, making noise. Meanwhile, if they are large, the heated or cooled air takes more time to reach the particular space and ends up less heating or cooling. 

But you don’t have to worry about the ductwork sizing as this application calculates accurate ductwork sizing. It offers three different calculation modes such as duct size by airflow, duct size dimension, and pressure drop. So you can choose the desired velocity or friction in the system and calculate the duct size. 

Also, it provides an intuitive interface and allows HVAC engineers to enter the values for each calculation confidently. Its ability to work for round and rectangular ducts makes this duct sizer app stand out from its competitors. You can download this app on any iOS and Android-supported device.

4. HVAC Buddy

The HVAC Buddy is an all-in-one HVAC app that makes things easier for the field staff, enhances efficiency, and ensures safety. 

The HVAC technicians prefer this app for its easy-to-use interface, enhanced diagnostic capabilities, and add-on features.

 It lets you calculate the proper refrigerant charge and diagnose the issues when the system faces difficulty. To do so, you need to enter temperatures, pressures, and refrigerant type. It shows the actual and different metrics based on airflow target, subcooling, and superheat.  

It supports different units (psi, kPa, Celsius, and Fahrenheit) for temperature, adjust it in real-time, and keeps you updated with a progress report, making it more trustworthy than other HVAC job apps

One feature that makes the HVAC app great is that it lets you send a personalized review report to your clients through email.

The app is available with a $9.99 price tag on the Apple App Store or can be accessed directly from the official website.

5. Bluon HVAC

The HVAC industry is leaning towards affordable and environment-friendly R-22 alternatives. So, the new challenge for the HVAC job apps is to have enough information about the R-22 replacement.

Here, Bluon HVAC comes into play by featuring information on more than 17,000 HVAC systems in North America. It is a genuine all-in-one application; that covers several advanced HVAC features, with which the technicians often struggle around the site. 

With an airflow calculator, subcool and superheat calculators like others, Bluon HVAC has exclusively included a nitrogen pressure test tool to support R-22 replacements. 

The application is available for Android and iOS versions, though some users have reviewed that the app can’t work well with Note 10.

6. HyTools

Just imagine you’re performing critical hydraulic calculations from your mobile with a few clicks. Surprised? Well, that’s what the Hytools application can do. 

It is one of the easiest HVAC job apps that every HVAC technician has used for pipe and valve sizing, power estimation and sizing of the radiator, pressure maintenance or dirt and air separator pressure drop or controls, etc.

The upgraded version also includes an easy calculation technique for the pressurization system and vessels based on the pumps and compressor.

Hytools are just like a blessing to the HVAC staff, who often struggle with hydraulic calculations. Worried about accuracy? You don’t have to! This application is developed with industry leader IMI Hydronic Engineering, which specializes in hydraulics and temperature management.

Another best part of Hytools is that it has an intuitive interface. You can adapt its usage easily and start using this application free of cost by installing it from the Apple app store, Google play store, or the official website of Hytools.

7. HVAC Duct Sizer

The big-sized duct affects the velocity. So the homeowners won’t get the full effect through the vents. On the other hand, the installed HVAC system with a small duct size could get overloaded or struggle hard to cool down or heat a property with the desired temperature. 

You can’t make the most out of an HVAC system without determining the proper duct size. But no worry! The HVAC Duct Sizer app is there for you to help you out.

This universal HVAC job app allows you to enter various parameters to ensure the highest precision in the calculation. It presents the findings in both metric and imperial units.

You can calculate the duct friction loss by entering the dimensions of the existing duct system and the airflow or velocity numbers. Also, you can calculate velocity and friction loss by adding the existing duct’s shape, material, and air pressure. 

Thus, you can easily understand – what changes are needed to eliminate the existing or potential problems. Another great plus is that the app is available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and other online app stores. Moreover, you can install it directly from the official website by spending only $2.99.

8. HVAC Fault Finder

Now, you might have seen various service and calculator apps on the list, and next is a troubleshooting HVAC application for air conditioning and refrigeration jobs. 

This HVACR Fault Finder helps you in solving your on-site compressor troubleshooting problems. It allows you to solve compressor electronic system failures quickly. 

To detect the electronic module code, choose the flashing alert code or use the tap feature. When clicking this code, the app gives access to its interactive troubleshooting guide. 

Also, you can browse through the great tips and tricks on troubleshooting HVAC systems. The exciting part is you get visual flowcharts to create a clear solution for diagnosing system errors. So overall, this troubleshooting app is sure to assist you in your HVAC problem-solving works and is available on iOS and Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are HVAC apps free?

No, not all HVAC apps are available for free. Some HVAC calculator apps for technicians charge a one-time or yearly fee when you download the app. However, most apps that charge demand only a minimal amount, but the investment is worth it.

What are HVAC job apps?

HVAC job apps are mobile applications used by HVAC businesses and technicians. These apps offer various functions that help companies coordinate technicians and clients. Some HVAC apps are specifically designed for HVAC technicians who work in the field. These apps come with calculators and troubleshooting capacities and help in solving problems.

What factors does HVAC duct sizing depends on?

The HVAC duct sizing depends on various factors such as the house size, friction loss, air flow velocity, and static pressure of the HVAC system. Also, the ductwork size doesn’t solely depend on the entire house size but includes the size of individual rooms.

What is an HVAC job?

HVAC/R comes under careers in Climate Control Technology. HVAC/R here means heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration. So HVAC job involves working in designing, installing, servicing, repairing, and selling HVAC/R systems in industrial, residential, and commercial buildings.


Since today’s world is run by advanced technology, it’s easy to find a dedicated application for almost every sector in any industry, and HVAC is no different. These HVAC apps are solely designed to offer help to HVAC technicians.

HVAC technicians can now work efficiently and quickly using the service apps listed in this article. These apps quickly calculate important parameters like duct size, heating and cooling system loads, refrigerant load, and others. There will be minimal costly mistakes as these apps offer accurate results.

So, before concluding, let’s ask you a quick question, which HVAC job app would you choose? Comments down your answers.

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