Customers hate bad surprises. The bad surprises here mean the higher-than-expected bill. This is why they often look for a flat rate price. 

As an HVAC contractor, you may often get two essential questions from your customers: What’s wrong with the equipment, and how much will it cost to repair?

By providing flat rate pricing, you can quickly eliminate the repair bill surprises for your customers and not get into any disputes regarding the pricing. The best part is you can close more deals and retain customers with this pricing type.

However, you can’t do a manual calculation for every service you provide. It’s more time-consuming and costs immense effort. So you can take advantage of the solid HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Software. 

We have listed the 6 best HVAC flat rate software with their features, pros, and cons. Check it out and select the ideal software to ace your HVAC business. 

What is HVAC Flat Rate Software? 

The HVAC flat rate software is used to deliver on-spot estimates about a particular HVAC service. So, companies using flat rate software can now set fixed prices for every service based on the time, materials, and overhead required for every job. Also, customers get a clear idea about the pricing in advance and tend to close deals quickly. 

6 Best HVAC Flat Rate Software Solutions 

1. ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan - Best HVAC flat rate software

ServiceTitan software provides businesses like HVAC, plumbing, and electricians with immense features to help them streamline their business tasks. 

Among all the processes in an HVAC business, providing the customers with the right pricing model is crucial. Flat rate pricing can help customers choose your services without much hesitation as they are simple, easy to understand and close the door on price concerns.

Using ServiceTitan HVAC flat rate software, you can quickly grab up to 50% more jobs. Since it delivers estimates on the spot, it increases the chance of closing more deals and regains the accurate value for the HVAC service provided. 

Some of ServiceTitan HVAC flat rate software’s notable features are:

  • Faster payments: Flat rate pricing shortens billing cycles to a significant level by allowing customers to prepay the service/equipment cost. 
  • More straightforward pricing: You can sell your HVAC service with promised results and avoid justifying the tech’s hourly rate. 
  • Guaranteed profit: Flat rate pricing combines time and materials and markup prices. So it gives true value for all services, and you won’t encounter any loss.
  • Better performance: This pricing structure creates healthy competition and rewards high performers, positively impacting net profit. 
  • Gain actual value for every HVAC service provided
  • Robust and efficient flat rate software
  • Delivers accurate flat rate pricing quickly
  • Cost-prohibitive for small businesses.

2. FieldEdge

FieldEdge - Best HVAC flat rate software

FieldEdge software is ideal for field service businesses like HVAC. It is equipped with features that help the HVAC technicians streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction and retention and grow revenue.

Pricing a service is like a double-edged sword. Even a small error can significantly affect the business and the customer. This is why it is crucial to quote reliable prices for your HVAC services. 

Using FieldEdge flat rate software, formerly named Coolfront Books, one can curate accurate bills and ensure it is a win-win for both HVAC business owners and customers.    

This software provides a sure-proof way of making your business more profitable, efficient, and consistent.

FieldEdge flat rate software continuously runs your database and gets updated to present the best flat rate prices to the customers.

Some of its beneficial features are:

  • It presents prices upfront with confidence which can be shown to your customers.
  • Provides an optimized workflow as everything works from a centralized place.
  • Deliver accurate pricing after checking the database. So, no manual checking is required. 
  • FieldEdge flat rate mobile software is synced with the cloud. So, all information can be accessed via mobile from anywhere. 
  • Also, work orders get stored in the cloud so technicians can access them in real-time. 
  • The visual interface is very helpful.
  • The app prompts help technicians.
  • Customizable forms.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • No downloadable free demo.

3. Picture Perfect Pricing  HVAC flat rate pricing software

Picture Perfect Pricing  HVAC flat rate pricing software

One of the crucial elements that can build trust and credibility in your HVAC services is pricing. With different pricing models existing in the business, the flat rate pricing system stands out with its unique approach to pricing that profits both the business owner and the customer. 

The Picture Perfect Pricing software from P3 HVAC software is the next generation HVAC flat rate pricing software that can make a difference in the HVAC business.

Your company’s pricing, repairs, brochures, videos, and other tasks can be managed through the web-based system. And by making a few clicks, they can update their HVAC pricing software. 

A single service call can immensely impact your business in a positive way if your flat rate pricing is right. So make sure to invest in the P3 HVAC flat rate pricing software that contains features to handle your business pricing well.

Its cloud-based mobile capability allows users to update customer contact information and emails when they are in the field and make them sync automatically when back in the office.

Features that make P3 HVAC software the best flat rate pricing are:

  • It allows users to update the flat rate HAVC pricing any time in the day.
  • Customize the pricing descriptions.
  • Update the repair or specific repairs quickly.
  • Special offers, coupons, videos, recurring billing, and brochures are easily accessible for your technicians.
  • Provides HVAC technicians with installation instructions, directions, wiring diagrams, and more. 
  • Excellent flat rate pricing guide
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Customer support is good
  • No free trial & No free version

4. The New Flat Rate

The new flat rate - Best HVAC flat rate software

Today’s service industry, like HVAC, attains low revenue mainly because they don’t quote their pricing correctly. 

The New Flat Rate software has created a menu pricing system for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and chimney contractors.  this software allows technicians to use thousands of pre-made templates to quote their pricing for the customers. 

Each menu pricing template contains five automatic price options for any service repair or equipment replacement within the home. So customers can choose the pricing for the level of service they want. 

With this HVAC flat rate menu pricing software, you can simply get to your customer’s house, detect the problem and follow the interactive steps given in the application. And finally, present them with the 5 different choices. 

This software is designed with two things in mind. One is to increase the average service ticket, and another is to satisfy the customer and thus decrease callbacks. 

Some great features that make this software application best recommended for its flat rate pricing are:

  • It has 220 flat rate pricing menus for HVAC service for nearly every scenario.
  • Each menu pricing is made in the consumer’s purchasing language for better understanding. 
  • This pricing equates to customers up-selling themselves without any pressure tactics.
  • Each pricing menu offers up to 15 add-on sales per task, promising an effective solution.
  • You could claim your money-back guarantee within 180 days if the software features didn’t impress you. 
  • Currently, it has integrated with Housecall Pro, and now it can provide a 5 pricing system and manage the business tasks. 
  • Pre-built flexible menus eliminate the need for a traditional flat rate pricing book.
  • Ideal for small businesses
  • Supports Android, iPad, and iPhone
  • Good customer support
  • Money-back guarantee
  • No free trial is available

5. ProServ

ProServ - Best HVAC flat rate software

If you are an HVAC business owner, wondering how to maximize profit, engage with the potential client and eliminate pricing disputes, then it’s time to invest in the Excellence Alliance’s ProServ flat rate pricing software

This software specializes in curating a unique strategy to create flat rate pricing that can solve pricing disputes with your customer. 

So get your HVAC business organized and become more successful with the help of the flat rate pricing tool from Excellence Alliance.

ProServ flat rate pricing software features are

  • The flat rate pricing is customized for your marketplace, personalized with your logo and other sales information, and compatible with the iPad. 
  • The pricing is put straight forward, which is easy to read, and also has full-color diagrams.
  • These colorful diagrams help increase sales as customers can visualize the product value they are buying. 
  • Its advanced database has a blend of essential things each service call needs and the unique tasks done by the technicians. 
  • Allows customers to evaluate the service agreement program benefits.
  • Allows flexibility and ease of use
  • Intuitive and advanced design
  • Ideal for both commercial and residential businesses
  • Educates customers about the sales process
  • Starts communication between tech and customer
  • Customer support could be better

6. Aptora

Aptora - Best HVAC flat rate software

Aptora is another solid flat rate pricing software that uses a no-pressure sales approach to win more customers. This software, with its strategy, can increase profits, reduce costs and enhance your customer experience. 

This software has a huge set of features for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical businesses. Since it is integrated with Total Office Manager, which is tailor-made to fit the HVAC business, this combo will level up your business. Its database equips residential and commercial repair HVAC businesses with details upto 25 tons. 

Some of its great features are

  • Supports mobile presentation
  • Commission Reporting
  • Allows importing ASCII Data
  • Includes Powerful Labor Rate Calculator
  • Designate Markup Rates
  • Easy setup wizard
  • Add and edit tasks
  • Advanced find & replace utility
  • The board set of features demands continuous training to get the most value from the software.

Benefits of Using HVAC Flat Rate Software For Your Business 

In this section, we have added the benefits the HVAC business reaps when they use HVAC flat rate software. 

For customers:

Transparent pricing: The main objective of flat rate pricing is to show a clear price to the customer. When a clear price is formatted with the correct description, the customer can now stop worrying about the time and effort of the technicians as they pay the flat rate. 

Quick sales: The main motive of flat rate pricing is to simplify the selling process so that customers understand the process and get convinced to buy. Customers scan the pricing and close the deal quickly when the pricing is already displayed.

Good customer experience: The flat rate pricing helps customers see what they buy without being bombarded with excess information. 

For the contractor:

Get the deserving pay – Selling a service with a fixed price can eliminate the need to justify your hourly rate.

Shorten the billing cycle: It encourages customers to pay in advance or pay directly to the technician on-site when the work gets completed. 

Eliminates the unapplied labor problem and laborers get their charges correctly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is flat rate pricing?

Flat-rate pricing is also called upfront pricing. This type of pricing consists of charging a single, fixed-rate for a particular service. The fixed flat rate prices don’t fluctuate based on the effort or time taken to complete a job.

How can I calculate a flat rate?

You can calculate a flat rate price manually using this formula.

Flat rate price = (Hourly rate X Hours of work) + (Materials cost X Markup Percentage)

What is flat rate pricing HVAC?

Every HVAC business owner follows a different pricing model for their business. But there is a popular way to price a job using time: flat rate pricing. This pricing model provides the customer with one fixed price to complete a service.

Does Housecall Pro have a flat rate?

Housecall Pro doesn’t have an inbuilt flat rate software. But recently, they have integrated with The New Flat Rate software, an HVAC flat rate menu pricing software.


As an HVAC business owner, there are multiple things you must have tried and tested to leverage your business. But by optimizing your pricing, you can reap huge benefits. Most HVAC business startups face failure because they either overcharge or undercharge their services. 

To avoid this problem and to give an awesome customer experience, you must try flat rate pricing to sell your products and services at the right price. You can have a look at the top HVAC software from our list. The above-given HVAC flat rate pricing software can help in curating robust flat rate pricing. We hope this HVAC flat rate software article was of some help.