HVAC van wrap is your marketing approach to get attention for your business while you are on the streets. It seems simple, but many business owners cannot crack the code on what it takes to make vehicle wraps understandable by the street audience.

Most try to include all kinds of information on their HVAC van wraps, making it a complex design.

As a result, people don’t get what’s written on your HVAC van and don’t want to stress about it.

Truck wraps are expensive, and with the correct idea implementation, you can generate a good amount of leads for your HVAC company.

Are you considering vehicle wraps for your HVAC truck? If yes, check the 15 tips and ideas listed below and find a great vehicle wrap that converts for your business.

What is HVAC Van Wrap?

HVAC van wrap is a graphic printing on your business truck that reflects your brand information in an advertising tone.

It consists of crucial information such as brand name, important services, brand logo, contact numbers, and website. All this information is graphically designed to look appealing and turn the heads of your potential customers on the streets.

You get an option to choose full vehicle wraps, partial wraps, window graphics, or stand-alone graphics for your HVAC trucks. It depends on your budget and marketing strategies on what you think would turn around more customers to your business.

Importance of HVAC Van Wrap

HVAC van wraps are one of the best marketing tools for your field service business. As your business demands you to operate with a fleet of HVAC trucks, it is better to market your brand even when your vehicle is commuting to work sites. 

A great vehicle wrap design covering all sides of your HVAC truck will implement maximum visibility for the street audience. The purpose of this is to reduce manual marketing effort by the employees as they just have to drive the vehicle to their work site, and the target audience will get it. 

The American Trucking Association has stated that more than 90% of people notice vehicle wraps. And more than 95% of people who see vehicle wraps do remember what they saw.  

GeoPath, formerly known as the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement, states that a single vehicle wrap generates 30,000 to 70,000 views daily

These statistics make it clear how important it is for you to seek van wrap for HVAC trucks. You are missing out on many potential leads if you are not utilizing this marketing opportunity. 

15 Tips and Ideas for HVAC Van Wrap

To help you get the best out of HVAC van wraps, you must have some important consideration tips in mind. Following that, you must get some good design ideas to decide how your van wrap should look once it is complete.

8 tips for your HVAC vehicle wrap design

So, some of the tips for you to get the van wraps right for your HVAC company are:

1. Build a great brand identity

The first and foremost reason your vehicle wrap design will fail is if you don’t have an appealing logo and brand design. Brand identity is the primary information you will convey through the van wraps. And if you are not clear on that, this marketing approach will fail even before your van hits the streets. 

Check if your brand identity and logo design are visible from a long distance, don’t use clip art, and are memorable for your audience. Consider a change if your logo and brand design don’t meet these factors. As it is a popular marketing approach, most HVAC companies will use vehicle wrap for their trucks. 

So, if you are willing to stand out in this crowd, make sure you have a unique and appealing brand and logo design to create a recognizable identity when printed as a truck wrap. 

2. Don’t advertise everything on your truck wrap

Your truck wrap might seem like a big canvas, but that doesn’t mean you will add every service on it that your business has to offer. It creates a sense of shock for the business owners as they get confused about paying attention to any one of them. 

The only things that a vehicle wrap design needs are brand implementation, website address, tagline, and phone number. Rest everything that you plan to add is optional for your truck wrap. 

3. Avoid using bullet points

An HVAC van wrap is not a shopping list where you can add your services and their costs in bullet points. It makes a good marketing option on yellow pages but not on wraps in service vans. 

Think, will the potential customer be able to remember a list of 10 or more services on your van wrap or just a couple of demanding services? Two memorable takeaways on your vehicle wrap design will be more effective and ensure better conversion. 

If you have more than two demanding services in your HVAC business, get more than one truck and print different service highlights on van wraps of different trucks.

4. Avoid using photographs

A photo can never represent brand identity. Your potential customers will find it complex to connect with your brand through a photograph. Eventually, they won’t be interested in investing their time and money in a company that cannot portray its brand identity without using photographs. 

A good brand doesn’t need a vehicle wrap hiding in the face of photos. The right brand identity and quality graphics will do the job. So, if you don’t want your brand to experience losses with your choice of wrap design, avoid using photographs. 

5. Maintain simplicity with the wrap design

A vehicle wrap is quite different from print advertisements. Here, people don’t have time to stop by your truck and absorb the brand message you are trying to convey with the wrap design. 

Everyone on the streets will be in motion, and your message on the van wrap should be easily readable and understandable. You have a very short period to convey your message to the viewer on the streets.

So, ask yourself if your vehicle wrap design communicates effectively or if the message is getting lost in the imagery. Maintain simplicity in your design. You are wrapping your truck with marketing prints for a mass audience, not for your visual satisfaction. 

So, keeping it simple is one of the best tips for ensuring profitability from your truck wrap design. But to make it simple, you should not make it look unprofessional or too basic with no attention-grabbing elements. 

6. Add only the unique selling propositions (USPs)

Alongside the brand logo and name, your new customers would like to learn about some special USPs that your company has to offer. For instance, 24/7 service, free estimates, low overtime fees, and others. 

In this way, once the logo and brand name in your truck wrap get the attention of potential customers, your USPs will make them remember what they saw. So, make sure you implement it. 

7. Add a catchy tagline

The tagline to your HVAC truck wrap should directly reflect what service efficiency you can offer to your clients. Work closely with some experts to decide on what would fit well with your brand name. 

Make sure that the tagline you choose makes sense and should sum up your company’s vision and mission. 

8. Prefer double lamination of the wrap

Experts recommend you seek double lamination of the truck wrap to ensure that it doesn’t fade away sooner. These wraps are expensive and can last for more than 5 years if the color choice and care preferences are right.

In the initial consultation with truck wrap designers, you must ask them about which colors fade faster and take a guarantee on the longevity of their wrap. Let them know that you want a double lamination to be sure of its longevity.

7 ideas for your HVAC truck wrap design

Now that you have the tips in mind, your knowledge on deciding factors for a vehicle wrap design is upgraded. So to help you finally frame your fleet wrap design, here are the 7 best ideas for you to take inspiration from:

1. ENER-G-COOL: Partial vehicle wrap design

The truck wrap design of this HVAC brand has a great color pop, which will easily draw customers’ attention. The design is simple, as it has the brand name and phone number being majorly highlighted. On the back of the truck, they have a “Book Online” message for people to know they don’t even have to call to book their service. 

2. Plunk Heating & Air: Simplistic design with black and white theme

Plunk Heating & Air decided on going simple on their vehicle wrap. They have a white fleet of trucks and have whitened out the windows to create a big canvas. They just highlighted their logo, brand name, and the service they offer within a big circle. They have also highlighted their phone number and “24/7 Service” message on the front doors. 

3. Julian Heat & Air: Tagline-specific van wrap

Julian Heat & Air has printed their brand name in big fonts with a tagline that says “We Deliver Comfort.” It is a highly attractive tagline because HVAC problems do create discomfort. Customers can find other information such as free estimates and financing facilities when they are drawn towards the van wrap. 

4. Wilson Heating & Air: Cartoonistic vehicle wrap

If you want to add fun to your vehicle wrap, take inspiration from Mr. Wilson Heating & Air. They have used a cartoon graphic theme to represent Mr. Wilson’s character and mentioned “Heating & Air” right beneath their brand name. 

They have their brand phone number and website on the front doors and have also mentioned “Trustworthy Service” and “Old-fashioned Values” at the back. It is a very appealing design for your fleet wrap needs. 

5. Air Professionals: Brand-specific graphic representation

Air Professionals offers heating and cooling services, for which they have used a graphic representation of a penguin wearing a cap. It is a unique and appealing design as the logo has a bigger space on the truck alongside the brand name “Air.” So people get to know the brand name and their logo-specific identity at once.

6. Air Now: Comic-style truck wrap

It is an interesting yet unique style of fleet wrap idea where a comic figure is seen flying with a wrench in hand and the alphabet “A” imprinted on his chest representing the brand Air Now. It is a pretty cool design where every element represents a comic style. To catch attention, it has a message that says, “No Overtime Fees” on a red comic backdrop. 

7. Smart Home Comfort: Strategic van wrap design

Smart Home Comfort made a strategic move by keeping the truck wrap design specific to work well with all trucks in the fleet. Suppose you have a pickup truck and box truck; work closely with your wrap designer to factor the design accordingly, just like Smart Home Comfort did. It has a big portrait graphic logo of a man with a hat having a wrench symbol over it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a full van wrap cost?

A full van wrap for your HVAC truck will cost around $3000 to $5000. A partial wrap or window wrap will cost you less.

How to design a wrap for a vehicle?

The best way to do this is by hiring a professional to design the truck wrap for your HVAC company. It will assist you in saving an ample amount of time, which you can utilize in strengthening other business aspects. If you have the design expertise, you can definitely try designing the wrap on your own by keeping in mind the above tips.

Final Verdict

If you haven’t considered designing a truck wrap for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning business, then it is time you should benefit from this marketing opportunity. With bold colors and design, your truck should get the attention of every individual on the street looking for an HVAC company or wanting to be in touch with one for future needs. 

If you have already applied your wrap on the entire fleet of HVAC trucks and realized that the design is not working out, consider a change. Hire a designer to do the job, and keep your truck wrap design updated with time. Your designer will guide you with what design ideas are currently converting and what is not.

So whether you are a beginner or an established HVAC business, street marketing is important, just like you put effort into improving your presence online. Count on all the above ideas to take inspiration, and decide on your unique design for van wraps.