If you work as an HVAC technician, you probably spend a lot of time traveling between job sites. Sometimes, such truck drives might be incredibly monotonous and dull. 

However, there is a simple method for technicians to add a little excitement and productivity to their commutes without doing any additional work. 

Why not listen to something more informative while operating a vehicle rather than driving around in silence or playing music in the background?

You may easily download any HVAC podcasts and listen to them whenever it suits your schedule, or you can watch a live podcast stream once you know the day and time it will run. HVAC podcasts can be a fantastic tool for expanding your business and keeping current with service industry events.

You can always learn more no matter how long you’ve worked in the field and key industry issues. There are always fresh concepts available that can extend your outlook and improve your abilities. And listening to an HVAC podcast while driving is a fantastic way to learn new things.

So, let’s get straight into the list of top HVAC podcasts:

1. HVAC School

The most consistently technical podcast on this list is HVAC School, a requirement for technicians who want to keep up with their industry. It covers a lot of less popular subjects like industrial refrigeration, ductless systems, and the fundamentals of combustion. Business owners will also be interviewed for the other positions. 

For technicians who want to keep on top of the game, HVAC School, which concentrates on the technical side of the HVAC industry, is a must-listen. This HVAC shop talk podcast focuses on less popular subjects like ductless systems, and commercial refrigeration. Additionally, they contain useful details regarding recruiting, interviewing, and training. Every Tuesday and Thursday, new episodes of HVAC School are released.

Listeners: HVAC technicians and business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 300 

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2. HVAC Know It All

Gary McCreadie, a certified refrigeration and gas technician, owns the HVAC Know It All brand, including a podcast, YouTube channel, and other materials. The program features fantastic tool evaluations and a well-balanced combination of technical and professional advice. 

The best podcast for practical technical advice, industry professionals, expert opinions, and tool evaluations is HVAC Know It All. Each week, new episodes of HVAC Know It All are released.

Listeners: HVAC technicians and business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 140

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3. HVAC Masters of the Hustle

HVAC master of the hustle - best HVAC podcast

Jason Walker, the podcast’s host, created HVAC Masters of the Hustle to support those who want to succeed and advance their careers in the HVAC sector. In this series, Jason Walker introduces and conducts interviews with some of the most successful HVAC business owners who share their success stories and insider tips. 

This HVAC podcast will surely provide you with all the details on how to get ready every day to rise to the top of the HVAC industry. Every week on Mondays, new episodes of The HVAC Masters of the Hustle Podcast are made available.

Listeners: Any home service business owner

No. of Episodes: Over 60

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4. HVAC 360

HVAC 360 - best hvac podcast

For technicians, HVAC contractors, and facility personnel intrigued by the commercial side of buildings, HVAC 360 adopts a different perspective on the HVAC industry. The podcast examines systems and goods, their functions, the ideal contexts for using them, science, and HVAC diagnostics. 

While not every episode may interest you, there are enough to broaden your knowledge and help you advance your job in the HVAC system. Licensed mechanical engineer and host Matt Nelson enjoys working on construction sites and wants to share his knowledge. 

For technicians and contractors, HVAC 360 offers a thorough and all-encompassing approach to the commercial side of the HVAC industry. Because Matt Nelson is a certified mechanical engineer, the episodes concentrate on the operation of systems and goods.

Listeners: HVAC techs and business owners interested in new construction and commercial projects

No. of Episodes: Over 160

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5. Contractor Sales Academy

The Contractor Sales Academy, which Tom Reber co-founded, instructs in sales methods for the trades. CSA’s patented “Shin Fu” sales strategy, which they teach in their CSA: The Bridge curriculum, is promoted by Tom and two other contractors on the podcast through their personal experiences and words of wisdom.

Listeners: Any home service business owner

No. of Episodes: Over 60

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6. The Contractor Fight

Tom Reber, the podcast’s host, warns industry professionals up front that they shouldn’t be easily offended. When discussing what business owners must do to maintain a successful trade firm, Tom and his guests don’t mince words or accept any justifications. Tom’s umbrella business, Contractor Fight, offers private coaching sessions and other things.

Listeners: Any home service or contracting business owner

No. of Episodes: Over 270

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7. Home Service Expert

Tommy Mello, well known for his book Home Service Millionaire, has his headquarters at Home Service Expert. Most of the conversations on Tommy’s HVAC podcasts with business coaches and founders of seven- and even eight-digit companies are focused on revenue growth. Michael Gerber, Ken Goodrich, and other well-known business figures appeared as guests.

Listeners: Any home service business owner

No. of Episodes: Over 120

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8. HVAC Uncensored

HVAC Uncensored - best HVAC podcast

HVAC Uncensored is a chat show about managing and operating an HVAC company that is similar to an FM morning talk show except with more swearing (that’s the uncensored part). Gil and Kelley, two seasoned HVAC professionals, produced the podcast. The HVAC Millionaire YouTube channel, managed by co-host Kelley McKay, features guidance for HVAC companies.

Listeners: HVAC techs and business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 70

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9. Plumbing & HVAC — Internet Marketing Podcast

Plumbing & HVAC SEO —Internet Marketing is the SEO consultancy company’s newest product, featuring marketing strategies for both plumbing and HVAC businesses and hosted by SEO specialist Josh Nelson. Recent editions of their show discuss marketing tactics during COVID-19 and messaging advice for plumbing and HVAC businesses.

Listeners: Plumbing and HVAC managers and business owners

No. of Episodes: 93

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10. The HVAC Jerks

The HVAC Jerks, a morning talk show-like podcast presented by three down-to-earth contractors, is another must-listen if you enjoy that style. In informal conversations, they cover a variety of important industry challenges, technical subjects, and business advice. Three down-to-earth contractors who work in the HVAC sector created the podcast The HVAC Jerks, which talks about business recommendations, technical issues, and industry news. This podcast is ideal if you enjoy listening to morning talk shows.

Listeners: HVAC techs and business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 90

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11. Cracking the Code

EGIA Contractor University produces Cracking the Code to instruct contractors in the best business management techniques. Weldon Long, a sales professional in the HVAC sector, serves as the podcast’s host. Contractors, manufacturers, and other industry experts are all clients of the Electric and Gas Industry Association.

Listeners: HVAC managers and business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 90

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12. The Growth Vault

Joshua Latimer, a specialist in-home services and the host of The Growth Vault, formerly known as the Quick Talk Podcast, is best known for his marketing automation business Send Jim and his education business Automate Grow Sell, both of which cater to the home service sector. The Growth Vault wants to assist small home service firms to become seven-figure enterprises.

Listeners: HVAC or any home service business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 300

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13. ControlTalk NOW

ControlTalk NOW takes a novel approach to HVAC. Eric Stromquist and Ken Smyers, two experts in HVAC and building automation distribution, are the hosts of this podcast, which ControlTrends produce, a website focused on industrial and commercial controls. This podcast is helpful for HVAC firms interested in commercial HVAC systems, including smart and green building standards and systems.

Listeners: Commercial HVAC business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 270

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14. Contracting Coachcast

HVAC professionals wanting to take on bigger projects or move into general contracting may find the Contracting Coachast helpful to listen to, even if it is aimed toward construction companies. Learn more about construction budgeting, project management, and other topics. The Contracting Coach, whose founder and chief business coach is Tony Booth, provides coaching and other services.

Listeners: HVAC businesses that do new construction and other contracting businesses

No. of Episodes: Over 300

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

15. The Wealthy Contractor

Brian Kaskavalciyan, a business consultant and entrepreneur, hosts The Wealthy Contractor. Brian gives you the tools and insights to forge your path to success, wealth, and freedom by sharing how he turned his home improvement company into a multi-million dollar national franchise and speaking with other home service experts about the various elements of a successful HVAC business model.

The best podcast for practical technical advice, industry professionals, expert opinions, and tool evaluations is HVAC Know It All. Each week, new episodes of HVAC Know It All are released.

Suitable for: HVAC or any home service business owners 

No. of Episodes: Over 100

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

16. HVAC Refer Guy

HVAC refer guy

For people new to the HVAC industry or who own a business, Mike Mayberry, popularly known as The HVAC Refer Guy, slows things down. He explains his beginnings to listeners in an earlier episode. Since then, the host has expanded into interviews with technicians, service managers, and owners. He also occasionally includes a random episode on the history of other ghost towns. It’s a soothing conversation with the “tech next door” on Mike’s podcast. Observe his YouTube account as well.

Suitable for: HVAC techs and business owners

No. of Episodes: Over 50

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are podcasts, and how do they operate?

A podcast is a grouping or series of online-accessible digital audio recordings that can be downloaded or streamed. Podcast episodes are individual audio files that are all played together. Podcasts are often hosted by one or more people who conduct interviews, tell tales, or deliver the news.

What is the primary goal of podcasts?

A podcast’s primary goal should always be to amuse its listeners. There are various reasons why people subscribe to podcasts, including listening to updates and analyses of current affairs. Discover a new subject or sector.

What are some good HVAC podcasts to listen to?

Some good HVAC podcasts to listen to are:

  • Engineering Tomorrow.
  • HVAC R&D.
  • Control Talk Now.
  • HVAC Tech Tips.
  • HVAC On Air Podcast Series.
  • HVAC 360.


The next time you’re headed to work, think about tuning in to one of these HVAC podcasts. They let you stay current on market information, acquire new industry tips and tactics, and feel more productive during your commute.

Using the best HVAC software can help your HVAC business in streamlining its business operations.